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In today’s globalized economy, logistics and supply chain management play a critical role in ensuring the smooth flow of goods and services across borders. Companies need to have a well-designed logistics and supply chain strategy in place to stay competitive and meet customer expectations. That’s where Canworld Logistics comes in. As a leading logistics and...

Intermodal Freight means the transportation of freight in intermodal vehicles. It may use more than one transport out of trucks, ships, and rail. Moreover, it includes no personal handling of the freight during the modes transfer. Thus, the intermodal transport of freight prevents the damage of goods and provides speedy delivery. This is a term...

Supply chain management lowers the inherent risks of purchasing raw material and dealing with various products and services. When an organization has a reliable and responsible supply chain management in place, that can grab immediate advantages in the competitive industry. By implementing the supply chain management system, organizations can decrease waste and overhead costs. It...

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At Canworld Logistics we understand that your logistic needs are as distinct as you are. Therefore we provide customized, tailor-made service to you. We treat every cargo as our own. And all this, of course with a dash of human touch.

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